An Aesthetic Clinic In Singapore

Aesthetic Eye


Everyone, young or old will always want to improve their appearances. I am no different here. As a person who wants to improve their appearance, I needed to find an aesthetic clinic Singapore. There were many choices out there, particularly in Singapore. All of them seemed really good and reputable. I wanted to find an aesthetic clinic to have a botox treatment in Singapore. Botox is a treatment that will allow you to get rid of your wrinkles and it also allows people to reduce their jaws and calves.

For my case, I wanted to reduce to number of wrinkles on my  face. I believe that this will make me look younger and more beautiful overall. Here is an explanation on what botox is and how it works. Basically it works using a protein called botulinum toxin. It is a neurotoxin that attacks the muscles causing the wrinkles on your face and makes them disappear. It will prevent signals being transmitted from your muscles to your brain, thus causing them to become paralyzed.

Tuning Your Pianos

Like most tiger moms, haha, I have a piano at home for my children to nature their musical talent. A piano, or any instrument, is imperative for the full development of a child. It aids them in the development of their brains, at least from my own experience. Anyway back on topic….

What They Do!

Just found out about this but, apparently you should tune your pianos about 2-4 time per year! Yikes! I’ve not even tune my pianos in years. So I decided to find an affordable Singapore piano tuning service. All the websites I found had around the same rates to service our piano. So I just went with one and asked them to swing by my place to see if they could tune the piano. We agreed on a meeting time and he came. It was a relatively simple task, for the technician anyway, and he serviced the piano within 45 minutes. I recommend any with a piano to service their pianos. You can really hear the difference!

Singaporean Chic Momma